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Taxi driver

Warsaw, Poland

Job Type

12/12 system

About the Role

We offer a job as a taxi driver using the application. This is an interesting and varied job that provides a stable income. You will be able to move around the city, meet new people and use modern technologies to quickly find clients. Flexible schedule and freedom to choose clients and destinations, as well as the ability to explore new places. As a taxi driver, you will effectively communicate with different people and increase your self-confidence.


  • Work according to the 12/12 system in a comfortable car, not older than 2016, with a gas installation or HYB + GAZ.

  • To work, you need to have an international driving license category B, and we will help you get all the other necessary documents in two days. This includes a police clearance certificate, psycho-tests, a medical certificate and a driver's license translation. The cost of the whole package is 500 PLN (115 EUR).

  • You are responsible for the costs of fuel (about 400 PLN per week), car rental from us (650 PLN per week) and access to the app (50 PLN).


At least 500 PLN per day (about 110 EUR). By working at least 5 days a week, you can earn 10,000 PLN (2200 EUR) per month.

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