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Food delivery

Warsaw, Poland

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Couriers typically work as independent deliverers, using a mobile app that connects them to restaurants and customers.
One of the main tasks of a food delivery service is to collect orders from restaurants. After logging in to the application, the courier is available to receive orders in your area. After accepting the order, he receives information about the restaurant, delivery address and order details.
When you pick up your order, you move on a scooter to the restaurant. Upon arrival, you will be asked to collect your order from the restaurant staff. Then, having the order prepared and secured, you go to the place of delivery.
While driving, you must be responsible and careful, respecting the rules of the road. The scooter is the property of the company and you bear full responsibility for this means of transport, as only YOU use it
After reaching the place of delivery, you pass the order to the customer with a smile. It is often a simple transaction where the customer picks up the order and makes payment using an app or cash. Sometimes you may leave an order at the door, especially in the case of delivery to the door of the apartment.
After the delivery is completed, you return to the availability mode in the application and you should be ready to pick up the next order.


  • Identity document: The courier must have a valid identity document to be able to rent a means of transport.

  • Knowledge of local infrastructure: The courier should be well versed in the roads and streets in his delivery area in order to efficiently navigate between restaurants and customers.

  • Time management skills: Effective time management skills are required to deliver orders on schedule and minimize delays.

  • Communicability: It is important that the courier can communicate clearly and politely with customers and restaurant staff to ensure smooth delivery.

  • Mobile App Ability: The courier must be able to use the mobile app to pick up orders, track routes, and update delivery status.

  • Ability to Ride Safely: The courier must follow traffic regulations and maintain a high level of caution when riding the scooter to ensure his own safety and the safety of other road users.

  • Speed ​​and stamina: The job of a food delivery courier requires physical stamina and the ability to move quickly to ensure timely deliveries.

  • Availability: Couriers often work in the evenings, weekends and holidays when demand for deliveries is highest, therefore flexibility in working hours is required.


We offer attractive earnings above PLN 5,000 for couriers delivering food by scooter via our application. We provide modern and technically efficient scooters that facilitate effective and safe work. In addition, our couriers use the application for low access fees and scooter rental, which helps them maximize their profits.

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