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A worker with a driver's license for the production of chicken products


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Driver's license required for chicken production.
products. Rate: PLN 17.30/hour + PLN 500 per month for driving a working minibus. After working 1000 hours (3-4 months), the rate will increase to PLN 18/hour + PLN 500 per month for the driver. Schedule: 12-hour shifts (from 240 hours per month), including night and day shifts. Two breaks are paid. Education does not matter, gender does not matter, age requirements are from 20 to 55 years, work schedule is two shifts, accommodation in a private house costs 11.70 PLN per day.


  • Carrying out transportation of employees on a work minibus during

    time of arrival and departure from work.

  • Performing all the main duties at the chicken plant: weighing carcasses, collecting chicken components in boxes after machine cutting, packing and packing products.

  • Removing fat and cartilage residues from fillets and drumsticks with a knife, as well as separating the fillet from the bone after cutting the fillet with a machine.

  • Maintenance of automated machines and conveyors.

  • Gutting and cutting work is not performed.


Rate per hour - PLN 19.30 Projected salary = PLN 4,825

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